Levasis Partnership

Levasis Ministries provides non-profit and faith-based organizations with a wide range of services including Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Human Resources, Process Improvement, Fund Development and Communications.

Through the fund-raising efforts of its own team of consultants, Levasis is able to offer non-profit and faith-based organizations desperately needed help at greatly discounted prices that they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Levasis (lĕv-ä-sĭs) is formed by combining the words “lever” and “assist”.

Since 1987, Levasis has significantly helped more than 100 organizations by providing a lever to help lighten the load off its clients and assist leaders and their teams to achieve their vision.

Engage Media Communications senior consultants personally raise funds through Levasis Ministries to subsidize all our services to our non-profit clients.

We offer our non-profit and faith-based clients discounts of 50% or more from our regular rates while still providing the same quality of service that we give for-profit clients.

Visit www.LevasisMinistries.org for more information on Levasis Ministries.

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