Crisis Communications

Every organization, leader and individual will sooner or later face a crisis.

Crisis may be sparked by natural disasters, criminal activity, financial misconduct, moral and ethical lapses, accidents, disease, accusations on the web and just plain false information.

While every crisis may not be accompanied by a media storm like the Virginia Tech massacre, every crisis has the potential to either destroy or enhance an organization’s or a leader’s reputation.

We offer real world experience from handling communications and media relations in dozens of crisis, including the Virginia Tech massacre. We help our clients craft and implement crisis communications plans:

  • Planning - We help our clients create and practice crisis communication plans to be prepared when crisis erupt.
  • Avoiding - Proper media relations can help minimize negative or inaccurate coverage and avoid damage or distractions to an organization.
  • Handling - We help our clients learn the best techniques for dealing directly, honestly and effectively with the media and other audiences and enhance society’s perception of our clients.
  • Recovering – Crisis can cause organizations to lose focus and damage their ability to function. We help our clients learn how to manage and communicate through a crisis and then communicate in a way that helps the organization heal and recover.

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