One of the measures of the effectiveness of a Public Relations program is how many people were reached for the money invested. That is more than public relations and it is more than good business, it is common sense.

Does a fraction of a cent per impression seem credible?

While working with Campus Crusade for Christ International, I was given a budget of $84,000 over six years. Through careful planning and leveraging of that $84,000, we created a program that allowed over 141 million Americans to see, hear and read positive news coverage about the organization and its efforts.

That computes to less than .06 cents per impression.

Achieving this level of results doesn’t happen by accident. This was accomplished through a combination of personal effort and training a team that had no prior media experience on how to make the system work for us.

Most organizations spend far more and never achieve a fraction of this number of impressions or cost efficiency. Even more important than the number of impressions or the minimal costs was the impact of the program. It helped generate millions of dollars in donations and led tens of thousands of students to events sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ.

After serving with Campus Crusade for Christ for 36 years, the last six as National Media Relations Director for the U.S. Campus Ministry, I launched Engage Media Communications to offer our experience and proven strategies to other organizations and individuals.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you about how we can work together, use similar strategies and achieve your objectives.

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